Jose Update – Update 1

I ordered an 8ohm mini speaker that I will be using to output my sound, Below is a link to the speaker that i have ordered. The sound I will be creating will correspond to the different states of the desk buddy.

Link to Speaker:

Apart from ordering the desired speaker I have been looking into different amplifier circuits as this will be needed to take the sound from the board to the speaker. There are amplifier circuits that you can buy but rather than doing that I will try to develop one similar to the one below.

Link to Picture of sound amplifier circuit:

I have been also looking into making a frequency module to control the different sounds that will be outputted, The device will need to produce sound on startup and changing state(mad, happy, sad, idle). I will use different frequencies and tie them to the state to produce the appropriate sounds we want. I read that the minimum frequency able to be generated by the FPGA is 415.30 Hz and the maximum frequency is 2349.3 Hz. I will need to test this and play around with the different frequencies to achieve my goal. Next week I will be looking more into this and hopefully have a test module ready to go so that I can move forward with this.


One thought on “Jose Update – Update 1

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