Michael Update – Update 1

So I have been using this website to aid me along with face detection:


here I am stuck at step 2 because I am not sure if I should connect the pi to a remote desktop and program the pi through the remote tool on another computer. This would make it some what easier to work with but at the same time, this can use up more CPU and memory



Here on this website im on step 4 / step 5 if I wish to not use remote desktop/ ssh.
I have also been looking at this tutorial as well:


but haven’t followed it enough because it looks like they’re using a webcam.
They do have a downloadable zip file that I tried downloading on the raspbian Web Browser, But it didn’t seem to let me download it to the raspberry pi. So I just downloaded it now and am going to take a look at it.

On some extra notes right now what I have gotten to PI to do is to playback what the camera was looking at through the Terminal OS.
On the PI you can start up with RaspbianOS, or you can start up into a terminal console, where you can enter some Linux/python commands.


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