Team Meeting this Saturday/Sunday February

Guys, we are going to meet this Saturday or Sunday whenever you pick. Comment below when you can meet.

Purpose: in this meeting, we need to discuss about our project progress and talk about the schematic and specification for the 490B midterm which is due by the end of next week.

Also,  one big change for our project that we need to discuss is our controller board. As you know that we have decided to use FPGA to do face detection and control servo. The news is I have got the camera interface to work, but the camera has to a lot of wires that makes the Deskbuddy hard to move. I’m thinking that if we can make a PCB just for FPGA to do face detection and will attach to the camera. The board size will be 40×40 mm. This makes very convenient and save a lot of time to design both hardware and firmware. Speaking of firmware, now you don’t have to worry about verilog. You will be writing in C++ which we are going to use Arduino as the master controller for Deskbuddy.  Hope you guys like this idea.






Skyler Tran


4 thoughts on “Team Meeting this Saturday/Sunday February

  1. I can meet anytime from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on either Saturday or Sunday. If those times are inconvenient, then I could shuffle things around to meet at an earlier time…
    -Victor E.


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