Skyler Tran – Update 3

Camera Interface



Picture source from hamster

This is the interface between the camera and the Spartan 6 (FPGA). The Spartan 6 will be capturing the images from the camera. The images will be continuously captured and created a live stream video. The camera will be used clock source from Spartan 6 for 25 MHz. Each pixel takes up two bytes sending to the Spartan 6, though each byte will be sent per clock cycle.

The diagram above shows that how the detailed Top Level Block is built in a Spartan 6. It has VGA Generator, Frame Buffer, I2C Controller, and Capture Image. The Spartan 6 uses 100 MHz from the clock source and convert it to 25 MHz. The 25 MHz clock will be used for camera clock and VGA generator.


The camera pins:

camera interface


This is a short demo of a live streaming video. The video is taken of 160×120 resolution.


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