Skyler Tran – Update 7

Create a Dual Power Supply 5V 12V 48W max

 In this week, I’ve worked on making a Dual Power Supply 5V 12V. This power supply will be provided the power for the whole project such as Arduino, FPGA, servos, LEDs, and speaker. Some components are using 5V input, and other are using 12V, so I make a dual power supply to provide two voltage outputs.

As you look at the circuit diagram below, one of the main circuit components is the transformer which can output 12V 4A in 48W max. The next two parts are the DC-DC buck converters; the top converter outputs 5V, and the bottom one output 12V. The LED will be using 12V and needs about less than 1A. That is about 2.4W (12V * 16.7mA = 2.4W). Then the rest will be using 5V and will more current. We estimate each servo needs 500mA; Arduino, FPGA and speaker needs about 500mA. (5 servos * 500mA) + 500mA = 3A (15W).

So the total power needed for the whole project will be 2.4W + 15W = 17.9W.

Figure 1: Power supply circuit diagram

power_supply_cap v3

Figure 2: Power supply cap

power_supply_box v2

Figure 3: Power supply case

More DeskBuddy 3D Parts

In this week, I also added two more 3D parts for Deskbuddy.

joiner v2

Figure 4: Deskbuddy Joiner

servo_holder v1

Figure 5: Deskbuddy servo holder


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