Victor Espinoza – Update 8

This week I worked on the midterm presentation and report. I revised the previous software flowcharts to make sure that they agreed with our group’s current focus for the project.

I also helped fill out the different sections for the midterm report including the finished tasks and the tasks that still need to be completed. Our group is running behind schedule in finishing the project, but if everyone in the group participates equally and effectively, then we should be able to get the project done in time.

Here are the completed tasks:

Task Leader Task Name Duration Start Finish
Michael Parra Research on Skin Detection (DONE) 8d 02/29/16 03/07/16
Michael Parra Finish 3-D Printing Desk-Buddy Segments (DONE) 7d 03/08/16 03/14/16
Skyler Tran Implement Code to Update Servo Positions (DONE) 3d 01/25/16 01/27/16
Skyler Tran Create 3-D Base Segments for Desk-Buddy (DONE) 2d 02/01/16 02/03/16
Skyler Tran Design Camera Interface for Desk-Buddy (DONE) 5d 02/04/16 02/08/16
Skyer Tran Capture Image Data (DONE) 5d 02/09/16 02/13/16
Skyler Tran Design PCB Schematic (DONE) 6d 02/15/16 02/20/16
Skyler Tran Implement PCB and send it to Manufacturer for Printing (DONE) 13d 02/22/16 02/29/16
Skyler Tran Create more 3-D parts for Desk-Buddy (DONE) 2d 03/03/16 03/04/16
Skyler Tran Design Power Supply (DONE) 3d 03/07/16 03/09/16
Skyler Tran Soldering Components on Custom PCB (DONE) 6d 03/27/16 04/01/16
Victor Espinoza Selecting LED Color (DONE) 5d 01/25/16 01/29/16
Victor Espinoza Create LED Driver (DONE) 2d 02/01/16 02/02/16
Victor Espinoza Implement LED Color changes using Arduino (DONE) 5d 02/08/16 02/12/16
Victor Espinoza Design State Machine for Desk-Buddy (DONE) 3d 02/15/16 02/17/16
Victor Espinoza Implement State-Machine using Arduino Uno (DONE) 5d 02/22/16 02/26/16


Here are the tasks that still need to be completed:

Task Leader Task Name Duration Start Finish
Michael Parra Connect Servos to Desk-Buddy 2d 03/19/16 03/20/16
Michael Parra Connect Camera to Desk-Buddy 2d 03/25/16 03/27/16
Michael Parra Implement Skin Detection Algorithm 10d 03/29/16 04/07/16
Michael Parra Verify Facial Detection Range Engineering Specification 5d 04/08/16 04/12/16
Michael Parra Verify Image Processing Engineering Specification 5d 04/14/16 04/18/16
Michael Parra Verify Following a Face Engineering Specification 5d 04/20/16 04/24/16
Skyler Tran Balancing Servos on the Desk-Buddy 9d 03/14/16 03/22/16
Skyler Tran Verify PCB Design 6d 04/09/16 04/14/16
Victor Espinoza Combine LED, Servo, and Speaker code into State Machine 5d 03/10/16 03/14/16
Victor Espinoza Debug State Machine Logic 5d 03/15/16 03/19/16
Victor Espinoza Connecting LEDs on the Desk-Buddy 2d 03/23/16 03/24/16
Victor Espinoza Verify State Transition Accuracy and Timing Constraints 5d 03/25/16 03/29/16
Victor Espinoza Create User Manual For PCB Design 13d 03/31/16 04/12/16
Jose Trejo Implement Sound Software using Arduino Uno 5d 03/03/16 03/07/16
Jose Trejo Implement Power Supply 5d 03/08/16 03/12/16
Jose Trejo Create Speaker Driver 2d 03/13/16 03/14/16
Jose Trejo Connect 3-D Printed Segments Together 10d 03/15/16 03/18/16
Jose Trejo Connecting Speaker / Speaker Driver to Desk-Buddy 2d 03/21/16 03/22/16
Jose Trejo Create Engineering Manual for Final Design 13d 03/28/16 04/09/16



One thought on “Victor Espinoza – Update 8

  1. I say we submit all this scientific data to National Geographic. What a world of experience we have from all over the nai#&n!Iot8217;m pretty quick to squash anything that moves, but a window specimen sounds kinda nice! Hugs… : )


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