Michael Parra – Update 9

As of Now I am still working on tracking.  The tracking seems to along the vertical axis, but not working so well for horizontal averaging of the skin.  Some problems I believe that might be encountered are the timing constraints.  The reason the tracking works vertically is because the register value I have called “row” stays a solid number between 1 – 120 for an average of 160 PCLKS.  Where as to the “col” is constantly changing at just about every PCLK.

Again there might be some problems in the divider, because you need at least 24 clocks before you can pick up the inputted data.  Nevertheless, the data must be inputted into the DIVIDER for at least one CLOCK (in this case PCLK from rising edge to rising edge).

So in order for the “col” to properly work it should be either of the following reasons:
1.  Bad Divider (Input) / (Output) timing
2. Wrong “row” values being added into “r_tot”
3. Noise…

However if the “Row” feed and horizontal averaging work reasonably well through noise and Divider than I believe the culprit is wrong “row” and “r_tot” values due to timing constraints.




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