Victor Espinoza – Update 11

Desk-Buddy Wiring Connections

This week I worked on soldering all of the necessary connections for all of the servos and LED strip to a stripboard so that we can easily connect all of these components to the arduino uno board.

I decided to use a stripboard because this makes it very easy to connect the power and ground wires across a vertical column of the stripboard being that each vertical column is tied together via a copper track.

This does mean that if I put down a component with multiple pins on the same track and I did not want them to be shorted together, then I had to physically breaking the track by creating a hole in the track that separated the components from being connected with each other.

This was an easy thing to accomodate for though being that we have a lot of components that require power and ground connections!

On the stripboard I connected my LED driver so that was originally on a breadboard and I also made connections for each of the servos and a connection for the LED strip. I also made a connection for power and one for ground.

With the stripboard, I was able to create a design that did a significantly better job at managing all of the wires that were connected to our Arduino Uno board.



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