Skyler Tran – Update 13

I have completed all my tasks. There is nothing I need to do this week.


Skyler Tran – Update 8

Soldering Components on Custom PCB

In this week, I have done soldering our custom FPGA PCB for the camera. The PCB’s components include mainly a Spartan 6, 100 Mhz oscillator, a port pin for camera and a few GPIOs. So all components are soldered, and I will be verifying the PCB in next week and make sure it is fully working.

3D Printing the Power Supply Box and Soldering the Components

In this week, I also 3D print the power supply box and solder the components. I have verified the power supply output voltages.

Skyler Tran – Update 7

Create a Dual Power Supply 5V 12V 48W max

 In this week, I’ve worked on making a Dual Power Supply 5V 12V. This power supply will be provided the power for the whole project such as Arduino, FPGA, servos, LEDs, and speaker. Some components are using 5V input, and other are using 12V, so I make a dual power supply to provide two voltage outputs.

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Skyler Tran – Update 6

Update Servos Position using Arduino

In this week, I’ve worked on the code for updating servos’ position. The purpose of this code must be controlling servos independently, meaning the servos can move as once. To make all servos move as once, I have to use millis(). The millis() is a return function of millisecond built in Arduino IDE.  So each servo will be assigned different interval that the microcontroller generate a PWM. The interval is measured in millisecond which how long we want to generate another PWM. 
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Skyler Tran – Update 4

Making Custom PCB for FPGA

In this week, I have finished my design on a custom PCB for the camera using FPGA (Spartan 6). This design I have started working on it during the winter. Building an FPGA design was hard at the first start because there are too much pins on this Spartan 6. I had to read the specifications of this chip and to see which pins are required to program and pins are the user I/O.

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