Michael Parra – Update 4

I was have been looking up Skin Detection by converting the image to YCrCb and then detecting for certain luminance in the Cr and CB spectrum. Xilinx has a wonderful package to do this for you, which I have found. However I am running version 12.2 so the 3.0 version works for me and any model higher than Xilinx ISE 13.3 or higher (Includes XST, ISIM, and Coregen).
will need to run version 4.0. I believe these two cores are the same but where upgraded with the entire version of ISE when upgrades were mandated.

Victor Espinoza – Update 4

Research for Generating Tunes Using Arduino:

In order to create audible sound with code we are going to be using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques to turn our speaker on and off (by sending a series of square waves to the speaker). Each tune is composed of many notes that collectively define what the tune sounds like.

Each note within the tune has two components to it: pitch (frequency) and tempo (duration). Combining these two aspects together creates an audible note that we can hear.
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Skyler Tran – Update 4

Making Custom PCB for FPGA

In this week, I have finished my design on a custom PCB for the camera using FPGA (Spartan 6). This design I have started working on it during the winter. Building an FPGA design was hard at the first start because there are too much pins on this Spartan 6. I had to read the specifications of this chip and to see which pins are required to program and pins are the user I/O.

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