Michael Parra – Update 5

I will be working more closesly to the Verilog Skin Detection Algorithm first…
So far what I know is that we need to use the RGB to YCrCb. We can also use the extended If statement that I wrote about in probably week 4 or 3. So in order to do this we will need the RGB to YCrCB converter for Verilog. We can use an implementation found on :
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Victor Espinoza – Update 5

Research for programming sound output in Arduino:

*Note: this is the fundamental research that is required to generate sound using the Arduino Uno. It is not the actual implementation of the sound output (this task belongs to another team member). This research is intended to be used to aid Jose in generating the sound output.

Outputting sound to a speaker using Arduino is actually pretty simple. It consists of a couple of key steps that are divided into two sections (Initialization and Implementation):
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