Michael Parra – Update 7


I have also been looking into HSV.  At this point I am unsure if I will use it but here are some extra things to look at in case we do include this. Estimated cutoff levels as our H
subspace skin boundaries,
(H < 25 ) AND (H > 230)
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Victor Espinoza – Update 7

This week I was looking over the Finite State Machine sketch that I previously created and I realized that I was relying alot on the built-in analogWrite(…) function. I did not want to have to rely on this function in order to write to the output pins so I have decided to make my own function that implements this functionality. This way, the sketch does not need to rely on a built-in library to write to and configure the pins.
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Skyler Tran – Update 7

Create a Dual Power Supply 5V 12V 48W max

 In this week, I’ve worked on making a Dual Power Supply 5V 12V. This power supply will be provided the power for the whole project such as Arduino, FPGA, servos, LEDs, and speaker. Some components are using 5V input, and other are using 12V, so I make a dual power supply to provide two voltage outputs.

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