Team Members

Team Name:


Team Members:

Skyler Tran :

Skyler Tran was born in Vietnam and came to live in California at the age of 12 years old. He is interested of studying computers, business, and becoming an entrepreneur. He enjoys reading the news, listening to music, learning, studying, eating, shopping, traveling, playing video games, and playing basketball. His current goal is to attain a Computer Engineering degree at Cal State University, Long Beach.

Skyler is in charge of:

  1. capturing the image from the camera and sending to FPGA
  2. updating the servo positions so they can move the Desk-Buddy (the name of our project)
  3. balancing the servos
  4. creating the dual-port power supply
  5. making a custom PCB
  6. verifying the PCB design.
  7. designing 3D printing parts

Victor Espinoza:

Victor Espinoza is a senior student in the Computer Engineering department at California State University, Long Beach. He enjoys listening to music, fishing, camping, archery, and learning about the many areas of discipline in the field of Computer Engineering.

Victor is in charge of distinguishing between the different states that the robotic arm can be in at any given time (idle, happy, sad, and mad). Victor is also responsible for making sure that the Desk-Buddy transitions correctly between the different states. Additionally, he is responsible for saving the image data taken by the camera to memory. Finally, Victor is responsible for selecting and displaying the correct LED colors on the Desk-Buddy to help it convey different emotions (happiness, sadness, and anger).

Michael Parra:

Michael Parra is an El Camino Community College Alumni, who received an Associates degree in Physics, Mathematics, and Pre-Engineering. After four years at the Community College he later transferred to CSULB as a Computer Engineering major, in which he will hopefully graduate from in Spring 2016. Michael has aided in programming the Raspberry Pi and Arduino to control a Mars Rover for the NASA RASC-AL Robo-Ops team at CSULB.

Michael is in charge of understanding the Face Detection Algorithm, and the way it will be implemented into the Desk-Buddy’s design. He is also in charge of implementing the facial detection aspects of the design and getting the Desk-Buddy to actually recognize a face that appears on an image.

Jose Trejo:

Jose Trejo is a student at California State University, Long Beach majoring in Computer Engineering. He loves playing video games, listening to music and hangout out with friends. He also enjoys the many cool and exciting aspects there are to learn about Computer Engineering.

Jose is in charge of creating an amplifier circuit for the speaker, connecting the speaker to the Desk-Buddy and making sure that it will output the appropriate sounds depending on its mood or personality. He is also in charge of the user interface and making sure the design is what the team wants and for making sure that the Engineering Manual for PCB Design comes together fully.


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